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TON Miner supports Linux, Windows using Nvidia and AMD GPU.

CPU (Intel, AMD) support available also, but requires custom build from sources, it was excluded from pre-build releases due to low efficiency.

NB: Intel CPU isn’t good for ТОН mining

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Supported OS and drivers

Supported and tested GPUs

HW Supported:

NB: other GPU not tested and not supported

GPU Hashrate
NVIDIA GTX1060 3.8e+08
NVIDIA GTX1070 5.2e+08
NVIDIA GTX1070 Ti 7.1e+08
NVIDIA GTX1080 8.6e+08
NVIDIA GTX1080 Ti 9.2e+08
NVIDIA GTX1660 Ti 7.2e+08
NVIDIA GTX1660 Super 6.4e+08
NVIDIA RTX2060 Super 8.7e+08
NVIDIA RTX2070 tbd
NVIDIA RTX2080 Super 1.3e+09
NVIDIA RTX3060 8.5e+08
NVIDIA RTX3060 Ti 1.2e+09
NVIDIA RTX3070 1.5e+09
NVIDIA RTX3070 Ti 1.6e+09
NVIDIA RTX3080 2.1e+09
NVIDIA RTX3090 2.4e+09
NVIDIA Tesla T4 9.3e+08
AMD Radeon 580 4.2e+08
AMD Radeon 6600 6.6e+08


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